Metal sign over the front gate at Pecan Peak Ranch with Red Peak in the background.

You can see Red Peak in the background at the end of the ridge that comes in from the left to the middle. The Pecan Bayou River is off in the distant horizon below Red Peak.


Pecan Peak Ranch is located on the Pecan Bayou River near Zephyr, TX. Zephyr is a tiny town in Central Texas that was destroyed in 1909 by the Zephyr Cyclone that manifested in a massive tornado killing 20 people. Zephyr has since been rebuilt but there still isn’t much to it.

Down on the Ranch we enjoy beautiful vistas from Red Peak over the river bottom and down into our wheat and oat fields. Also notable from Red Peak are views for as far as the eye can see to the west and thus making it an ideal location to enjoy sunsets.

Red Peak, which is so named for bright red dirt that shines prominently in the cliff just below its edge, was once used for target practice by US Army tanks and mortars. This land was part of the historically vast expanse of Camp Bowie which is now limited to a much smaller area. We regularly find shrapnel and mortar caps around Red Peak.


Our mission is to properly manage and utilize this urban acreage in a way that maximizes its value, not in revenue but in culture, wildlife and learning to live in harmony with the natural world.


We believe that our primary produce is culture. In everything we do we seek to provide unique attention to detail that discerning customers will appreciate. Specifically, our operations produce crops such as wheat, oats, hay and livestock including Black Angus cattle, Texas Longhorn cattle and Blue Lacy dogs.

Foundation Principles

We recognize that industrialized ranching, farming, mining and most recently wind power generation and distribution processes can scar the land and degrade its value for future generations of man and wildlife. This degradation is not conceptual but clearly visible and measurable.

Global warming is a conceptual concern supported or discredited with nebulous calculations and guesstimates. The destruction of our rural lands due to man’s progress is clearly visible today and its effects are easily calculable. Our lands are desperate for our attention while we are yearning for better access and a greater connection with nature.

In our day, we have seen the value of nature’s bounty shift from a commodity input for mass production to a scarce resource that exists in delicate balance with mankind. Revenues are increasingly derived from sporting as opposed to commercial meat production. Meat is still a driving factor yet people are increasingly demanding a more natural product that is raised organically with care as opposed to mass produced through feed lots.

There is a major shift happening in American society that has made us willing to pay more for natural products, made us question our expectation that medicine will keep our bodies and minds healthy, and made us question if working 12 hour days is more important than spending time outdoors with friends and family. We are beginning to realize that in order to survive as a species we must embrace our position in Earth’s grandness.

PPR Brand

The brand is comprised of two simple symbols, the rafter (^) and the tilde (~), stacked on top of each other. The rafter symbolizes Red Peak which is a defining point on the ranch. The tilde represents the Pecan Bayou River which is the western boundary of Pecan Peak Ranch.