Lacy Colors

Why Color? Lacys are bred more for temperament and working ability than for appearance. I recommend that folks don’t get too caught up on color because color is only one characteristic and it cannot compensate for significant flaws. I’d prefer to raise and awesome dog than one with a specific color coat. An awesome dog has lots of positive traits that make the complete dog. What really matters is if that dog will hunt and be the best companion for you and your family and friends.

The basic Lacy colors are red, blue & tricolor; however, there are ranges within each category that we have observed.

Blue dogs can have a darker shade of blue almost to black (No black dogs have been observed by me but I hear there are some that look close to black.) Blue can also be a very light silver or soft gray and anywhere in between.

Red varies from dark, deep red to light reds and yellows as well as a light cream.

Tricolor Lacys have a predominately blue coat with tan points above the eyes, on the cheeks, legs and rear.

Tint – Blue dogs frequently have a tint that shows in the sunlight especially rising or setting sun. This tint is a “golden sheen” to “bronze” look and can be more prominent like a reddish “patina” on an old work truck. I believe this patina to be the result of a wild type genetics that creates bands of color on individual hairs. Red dogs frequently have tint as well giving them a grayish or blackish accents.

Darker Hackle Strip – Most Lacys have a darker strip down their back that appears to be more or less depending on the condition of the guard hairs on the dogs hackles strip down the back.

White Spotting – Lacys have a spotting gene that tends to be minimal on the chest only but can include white socks, white belly and white chest up to under the chin.

Eyes – Lacy pups have blue eyes then as adults their eyes shift to a color from yellow to orange.

Sean Cockrell, Owner, Pecan Peak Ranch


Darker Blue

Silver Pup

Darker Blue

Blue with Bronze Tint

Blue Pup with Patina

Dark Blue with Yellow Eyes

Closeup of Patina


Lighter Red - Cinnamon

Light Red Body




Tricolor Blue Lacy Dog, Stud PPR's Mowgli
Tricolor Blue Lacy Dog, Stud PPR's Mowgli

Tricolor Pup with Blue Eyes that Will Change

Tricolor Pup