Lacy Support Associations & Registries

July 19th, 2017 by Sean Cockrell, Founder and President of Pecan Peak Ranch
This information should save time for me as well as others in explaining the different Lacy dog support organizations and registries that exist. There are number of associations and breed registries that support Lacys. This page is designed to provide a basic understanding of the significant Lacy support organizations. Pecan Peak Ranch supports each of these organizations and maintains membership where applicable. Listing is in the chronological order in which each of these organizations established substantial public presence. If your organization or registry is not listed or if you feel I have misrepresented your organization please let me know via email to It is my intent to be factual without preference within this listing. Note that I do have personal and/or business relationships across all the listed entities.
The Lacy Game Dog Registry (LGDR) and the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA) work closely together although they are technically separate entities.
The LGDR is an independently owned Lacy dog registry owned out of Helotes, TX. It is currently a closed registry. The LGDR is prided on purity. It is the longest standing registry. Information on registering Lacys with the LGDR can be found at the website,
  • Official Notice – As of July 19th, 2017 Pecan Peak Ranch is no longer registering litters with the LGDR. For questions regarding this decision please contact me directly at 
The TLGDA is a support arm for the LGDR. The TLGDA provides events annually such as the Lacy Play Days where dogs and handlers can work and train their dogs.
The TLGDA maintains a website, They also maintain a Facebook group, Texas Lacy Game Dog Association Official Group.
  • Official Notice – Pecan Peak Ranch is a Lifetime Member of the TLGDA but we are not listed breeder. 
The National Lacy Dog Registry (NLDR) and the National Lacy Dog Association (NLDA) work closely in conjunction with each other to support the Lacy breed and maintain bloodline registry. The NLDR and NLDA were formed to preserve and promote the working type Lacy dog.
The NLDR is an independent non-profit organization. It provides an open registry with a focus on the working heritage of Lacys. Breeding dogs must have working ability as well as meet standards and have proper lineage.
For information about registering Lacys with the NLDR see their website, and their Facebook page, National Lacy Dog Registry.
The NLDA is also and independent non-profit organization.  They hold a number of performance events annually where dogs can prove their working ability. Events include tracking clinics, hog bays, cattle work, etc.
Their website is Their Facebook group is the National Lacy Dog Association.
  • Full Disclosure – Pecan Peak Ranch is a Lifetime Member of the NLDA. 
The Lacy Dog Breeders Association (LDBA) was founded in 2013 and are now owned by Lacy Bell, in Texas. The LDBA is a breeder support organization with an open registry based on standards and bloodline history. They focus on working Lacys and put on events such as their annual Bay Days event.
The LDBA maintains a website for their association and their registry, Their Facebook group is Lacy Dog Breeders. In addition, they host a Facebook group for their registry component, Lacy Dog Breeders Registry.
  • Full Disclosure – Pecan Peak Ranch is a member of the LDBA.  
The Lacy Legacy Registry (LLR) is a one man show.  Jimmy Brooks is a long time trapper who is focused on his ideals and standards for Lacy dogs. To this end Jimmy maintains bloodlines for the Lacys that he and his close circle produce. Large organizations are not for everyone. The LLR may be of interest to you. If so, contact Jimmy directly at (325) 656-2172 or reach out to him on Facebook.
  • Full Disclosure – I maintain a personal and professional relationship with Jimmy.