Structural Photos

Our structural photo requirements are derived from BreedingBetterDogs.com in their two webpage series found here – Structure and Movement Pt 1 and Structure and Movement Pt 2. The set of photos includes the left broadside, the right broadside (the head can be facing forward or turned to the camera on the broadside shots), the front assembly, the rear assembly and the head.

The photo of the teeth is simply designed to account for the differences in description of the bite and to show the general size and quality of the teeth.

Puppy Name "USA"
PPR Serial #: PPR-160003
Blue Carying Tricolor Genetics Female
Gun Steady
Chip ID 990000000331292
2017-02-21: Heart-worm Preventative & Topical Insecticide
2017-11-05: Rabies Vaccination
2016-08-14: NeoVac DA2
2016-07-22: Safeguard & Marquis
2016-07-12: NeoPar
2016-07-08: NeoVac DA2
2016-06-28: Marquis
2016-06-28: NeoPar
2016-06-23: Pyrantel
2016-06-22: NeoVac DA2
2016-06-12: Marquis
2016-06-12: NeoPar