Store Policies & Procedures

Products of the USA and Texas

  • Pecan Peak Ranch is staffed by US citizens. Everything we provide is sourced in the USA with a strong preference to work with Texans and Texas-based suppliers.

Privacy Policy

  • Pecan Peak Ranch does not and will not sell any data provided to us on our website. All data provided to the Ranch will be used to improve our service and the quality of our products. Specific examples are below.
    • Contact Information – We will not provide your contact information to anyone with out your consent. This may only happen in the event of a referral situation and will be on an individual basis. We will not sell our customer contact lists.
    • Payment Information – We utilize the industry leading website payment gateway ( and credit card processor (National Bankcard Corporation). We feel that your credit card and payment information is most safe with these vendors. Pecan Peak Ranch does not collect or store credit card information.
    • Marketing Data Use – Pecan Peak Ranch provides a superior customer experience by utilizing data about customer interaction with our brand. We use such data in aggregate to provide a better overall customer experience and we use such data on an individual bases in order to make appropriate recommendations  to you. Under no circumstance do we sell or provide any data specific to individuals.
    • Dog Data – As a breeder of dogs and cattle we require our customers to provide information including photographs, videos, veterinary & health information, pedigree/lineage, working ability/history, DNA data and any other data that will help us improve our breeding practices and the breeds that we support. Under no circumstances will Pecan Peak Ranch knowingly provide or sell data on your individual dog(s) for any reason without your consent. Aggregate data that is provided to us becomes our data giving us the perpetual right to use any data provided to us in aggregate to improve breeding practices, improve the breeds we support and to provide a better customer experience. Again your individual data will not be knowingly provided to anyone without your consent.
    • Data Security – In our quest to provide superior customer service Pecan Peak Ranch has recently upgraded our website and hosting provider. We implemented our new site with a secure architecture utilizing https protocol and we pay extra to have our site scanned weekly for hacking infiltration. We have gone to great extremes in this area relative to our size because we do believe that data theft is a significant and growing concern.

Return Policies

  • Books returned within 30 days of the date of purchase in the original shipping packaging and unopened are refundable for the full price paid. Opened books are not refundable.
  • Accessories  returned within 30 days of the date of purchase that have not been used and remain in new condition are refundable for the full price paid.
  • Dog and cattle deposits and payments can be made through the PPR Store. Terms and conditions are agreed to on each transaction. See contracts and correspondence supporting each transaction.

Pecan Peak Ranch
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